Suzanne Records album lineup

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Suzanne Records album lineup

Post by Suzanne on Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:53 am

I don't wanna go off just making separate threads for every release of a Suzanne Records album, so I'm gonna post a link to a list of some albums, and some album series'es from the record label. So to make things simple, I'm just gonna post a link to the Suzanne Wiki article for Suzanne Records, since it will give a list of albums we will enjoy.

The album series Suzanne Records is best known to have is the SUPREMO SOUNDTRACK series.

Also check out the album series Suzanne Roots For The Pirates:

And we also have Suum Zuum Zanne which is an album series with songs about cars:

I produced so many free downloadable albums, its unbelievable.

My idea for producing all these free albums largely stems from YouTube's blocking of songs we like.  This dilemma of dealing with unfair abuse from YouTube's copyright bots blocking YouTube videos has cut into the comfort zone and constitutional rights of YouTube users, after finding out that mediafire doesn't block ZIP files of directories containin MP3 files of free music, we owe it to Suzanne Vega for being MOTHER OF THE MP3, as a sensible reason why Suzanne makes a good name for a record label.
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