A ranking system has been introduced.

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A ranking system has been introduced.

Post by Suzanne on Wed Sep 07, 2016 3:28 am

I just made a ranking system for users:

These rankings have been dictated by some fun facts surrounding the name Suzanne.

-Minimum posts: 0 (if you're too lazy, its self-explanatory, or you're going around in "circles" like a lazy Susan device)
-also noting that Susan is the 5-letter variant of the name Suzanne, as well as a more common spelling.

1 STAR: Rookie Suzanne activist
-Minimum posts: 7 (the name Suzanne is 7 letters long)

2 STARS: Qualified Suzanne activist, or Susie Q
-Minimum posts: 17 (since Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet, and Susie Q is a common nickname)
-Another fun fact: Ontario Highway 17 connects Montreal, Quebec (Leonard Cohen's birthplace) with Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a city that is known as "The Soo", or "The Sue", or whatever.
-Just the idea of a highway numbered 17 (seeing as Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet) having relevance with Susie-related concepts makes it more intriguing to talk about.

3 STARS: A worshipper of Suzanne Vega
-Minimum posts: 87 (a cappella version of Tom's Diner was released in 19[87])
-also note that Interstate 87 goes between Montreal, Quebec and New York City.
-Montreal, Quebec (suburb of Westmount) is Leonard Cohen's birthplace, and that musician made a song titled "Suzanne"
-Suzanne Vega, is "mother of the MP3", and the song Tom's Diner was the "testbed" for MP3 file format development.

4 STARS: Fan of Leonard Cohen
-Minimum posts: 138
-this number is a reference to Quebec route 138 which goes through Westmount, QC, Leonard Cohen's birthplace.
-also note that Leonard Cohen had a song titled "Suzanne"

5 STARS: Driver of the Lincoln Continental
-Minimum posts: 153
-the Lincoln Continental automobile has the SAME INITIALS as Leonard Cohen
-and Suzanne is the 153rd most common feminine name according to Urban Dictionary, as of Summer 2016
-if you are saving up to buy a car, just another reason to boycott purchase of physical media, and iTunes song purchases.

6 STARS: ECU Pirate
-Minimum posts: 264
-US highway 264 goes through Greenville, North Carolina which is home to East Carolina University
-and the ECU Pirates are the official sports team of East Carolina University
-Suzanne is also a slang term for FEMALE PIRATE.

-Minimum posts: 720
-Autoroute 720 goes though Westmount, Quebec, Leonard Cohen's birthplace, as mentioned above
-and well, Leonard Cohen is a religious monk, so that's a fair explanation.
-anybody who is a veteran of Napster or LimeWire, or similar is basically a religious monk downloading free music, and movies
-as well as anything we label as "entertainment" on the Internet.


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